Sailing around Corsica – with a qualified skipper

Croisiera (from the French for cruising) has been providing sailing adventures around the dramatic, sun-kissed coasts of Corsica and North Sardinia for 20 years. We can guide you round rocky islands to hidden coves and secluded sandy beaches. You can join in with the sailing or just relax and enjoy the sun, sea and scenery.

We have a fleet of five monohull yachts and six catamarans, all with three or four cabins, most of which are doubles. Each boat has a highly experienced and friendly local skipper who speaks English. So this can be a great introduction to sailing or just a wonderful holiday, with time for exploration, swimming, sunbathing, great local food and drink, and fun and laughter.

A great choice of holidays
With Croisiera, you can decide who you go with, where you go, and what you do.
  • Come with your family, your friends or as a single person or couple. You can even have your own hostess.
  • We will plan the route with you and take you to the areas you’d like to explore, at a pace that suits you.
  • Enjoy one of our themed cruises, which combine sailing with activities such as hiking, writing workshops, yoga, and health and well-being.

Gourmet meals
While you’re with us, you can savour Corsican specialities prepared from fresh, local products. We can provide a range of special menus, including gluten-free and vegetarian meals. And you can also sample the refreshing local wines.

So, join us on a Croisiera sailing holiday:
all you need to do is turn up – we’ll look after everything else. Come and enjoy glorious weather, great company and magnificent scenery.

To find out more,
visit www.croisiera.com (click on ‘Translate’ to read the page in English). We look forward to seeing you in Corsica! Alternatively, or call us on 0044 7966 959763

Your skipper
SUPER PROMO de dernière minute
Desination Caraïbes
Du dimanche 29 mai au samedi 04 juin 2022
300 €
par personne
Croisière de 6 jours sur voilier monocoque de type 4 cabines doubles

Itinéraire : AJACCIO - BONIFACIO ; circuit Sud Corse et Nord Sardaigne

2250 euros pour 8 personnes maximum au lieu de 3250 euros
(Moins de 300 euros/personne)
Croisière idéale pour groupe d’amis ou famille
Valable jusqu'au jeudi 2 juin 2022
SUPER PROMO de dernière minute
Desination Caraïbes
Du dimanche 05 juin au samedi 11 juin 2022
400 €
par personne
Croisière de 6 jours sur un voilier catamaran de type 4 cabines doubles

Itinéraire : BONIFACIO - BONIFACIO ; circuit Grand Sud

Vous êtes 2, vous venez à 2 et pourtant vous payez pour 1 seule personne. Une cabine pour 2 au tarif "single". Vous êtes seul (e) et bien trouvez vous un ou une amie et partagez la même cabine.

Croisière idéale pour couples et célibataires

Actuellement 1 homme a réservé - Reste 3 cabines doubles
Valable jusqu'au samedi 4 juin 2022